About us

Who are we?

We are state-of-the-art floatation studio conveniently located in the very heart of Vilnius oldtown. Our interior is especially designed for deep relaxation and enhancement of therapeutic effects of floatation. Our „Deep Space“ and „Deep Ocean“ floatation rooms invoke a sensation of other-worldly environments and invite one to open up for a new experience on all levels of being – the body, mind and the soul.

Customer Feedback

Deep Ocean

Deep Ocean room invites one to experience effects of floatation through a felt connection with a Water element – the great salty ocean engulfing our planet. Upon your choice, the underwater speaker will either play some of the most fascinating and calming sounds – the songs of the humpback whales and dolphins from the authentic ocean underwater records, or will remain silent allowing you to approach and merge into deep silence.

Deep Space

Deep Space room invites you to experience the effects of floatation through a sensuous connection to vast space (Air element) surrounding our home planet. Intro, middle session and outro sounds resonate through the air, yet still can be heard underwater. These are the EM recordings of the planets brought back by NASA‘s Voyager mission. They were made by turning the EM radiation of the heavenly bodies into the acoustic sound within the human hearing frequencies.